Human Resources of Ugago

SHORTfilm |14' | 2019 | Fiction, Sci-fi



Dave is the last human employee at "UGAGO" - a hip, modern stock footage-company. He hates his job, the group activities, and the annoyingly exuberant team spirit of his robot colleagues. He does his very best to seclude himself from everyone at his office, as he is convinced about his otherness and superiority to his robot coworkers. One day when he rashly refuses yet another friendly gesture from them, the robots have had enough of his behavior and decide to burst his bubble of arrogance.


Director, Screenplay Ennio Ruschetti | David Oesch
Cinematography Tobias Kubli
Executive Producer Valentin Huber
Lead-Animation Robin Disch
Production Design Aurelia Buchli
Editor Norbert Kottmann | Hae-Sup Sin
Music Cédric-Joël Ziegler

Sebastian Krähenbühl
Frank Denise Hasler
Franks Voice Alex Freeman